World of Nanotechnology in Games And Simulators

Everyone doesn’t get a chance to work on nanoscale level. It is a good luck that there are games and tools available online which can help you to keep your knowledge into perspective.

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There are nanotechnology games like NanoMission. When you register on their site, you can download the games modules. After that you can play it on your computer. The games are:

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  • “Nanoscaling” is one such game which let players to visualize different objects from gigameters to picometers.
  • “NanoImaging” uses Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to save the lakes and rivers of the world from the dangerous organisms.
  • “NanoMedicine V1” has a mission where players try to deliver anti-cancer compound to cancer tumors. In this game, a vehicle is selected to deliver the drug. Here, the players try to reach the tumor through the bloodstream.
  • “NanoMedicine V2” is such a game which helps players to understand better how nanomedicines are created. In here, players used to build nanoscopic particles. Through proper experimentation and observation, the players try to cure cancer in the body of a patient.
  • Duckboy in Nanoland” is a nanotechnology theme park adventure game which shows how things are completely different at the nanoscale level.
  • “Virtual Microscope” is a microscope simulator which is funded by NASA itself. It uses nanotechnology engineering. It consists of Atomic Force Microscope, Light Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope, and Energy Dispersive Spectrometer. The simulator has several images which are taken at different magnifications and positions which are used to examine real specimens.
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It can be said that there are a lot of nanotechnology applications in different video games. To know more about nanotechnology, please refer to


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