How To Spot The International Space Station in The Sky

Whenever you see a streak of light in the sky then it can be a meteor or a plane or the international space station (ISS). The ISS is often visible in the night sky. For us on Earth it seems like a bright star which is moving very quickly above the horizon. The ISS looks very bright. You can see it from a city’s centre. The ISS as it suddenly appears, it also quickly disappears. It is a matter of confusion to know when the ISS can be seen in the night sky.

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NASA has recently launched Spot The Station program. According to this program, you can sign up to receive alerts which will let you know when the ISS will be visible from your location. It can be anywhere in the world. Via text messages or email, you will get alert notice. When the ISS is near your location then these alerts are sent a few times each month. You can visit here to know more about the Spot The Station program.

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Just sign up for the NASA’s new sign up program and you will be sent alerts when the ISS is clearly visible for at least few minutes from your location.

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NASA’s Spot The Station program is really great. It’s really a great experience to see the ISS and just think of how far the technology has advanced. Inn 1998 ISS’s first module was launched in space. It took about two years to complete the construction. On November 2, 2000 the first human occupation of the station begun. The ISS was been continuously occupied since then. To operate the ISS, the countries involved are Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia and United States.

Next time whenever the ISS flies over your location then check it out the ISS.


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