Google Glass is Dead- It’s A Truth Now

From now on you won’t be able to see Google Glass around anymore. Few days back, Google announced that its smart product Google Glass won’t be available anymore and this product will not be developed by Google X, the research division of Google.

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Google recently posted a blog post on the Google Plus social network which indicated that their Glass is graduating from Google X. Some certified partners, hospitals and factories will still get the trial version of this Google Glass. The Explorer program of Google under which gadget nerds used to buy the Glass’s test version is over.

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The Glass is not abandoned by this company. In an unusual announcement, the company said that Glass will remain with Google but the Google Glass chief Ivy Ross will report directly to Tony Fadell. Tony Fadell helped in the design and creation of Apple’s iPod before he invented the Nest thermostat. Last year, Google acquired Nest.

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Now Google has decided to handover this project Glass to a business minded person who can bring the product directly to the market, both from marketing and design perspective. It can be said that the Glass is humbly going to retreat. From now on, we won’t get this internet connected Glasses which can click pictures with an instant blink of an eye or use voice to send emails. But it was not the scene earlier. Two years ago, Glass was the star of Google’s annual developer conference. In the same year, this Google Glass was named by Time as 2012’s best innovations. Some people used to call it a fashion and others used it in art.

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Today, this Glass can be treated as a case study. This case study is used to develop hardware with an unclear purpose. This Glass is now banned in large parts of Las Vegas. Even the government of West Virginia announced that while driving, it’s illegal to use it. Some say that there is no reason why people need this device.

The president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Marc Rotenberg, said once that he is happy that Google dropped this product. As Google is backing down this Glass, so it’s a very big deal. He also said that this Glass used to provide eyeglass-mounted web display and phone. But they won’t provide surveillance and recording.


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